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louphi - 06 août 2013
Voici en bref (un copier coller) mon CV en Anglais.

Sinon wikipedia en FR: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis-Philippe_Loncke

Blog http://louphi.blogspot.com/
Site web http://www.louis-philippe-loncke.com/

2013 - Into the Wild: 8 months travel & expeditions in South America (Colombia to Patagonia). Expeditions planned: 5 summit between 5900m and 6900m. (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile)
Kayak around Lake Titicaca to map the lake by GPS and photography. (Peru, Bolivia, first?)
Unsupported trek across the 2 largest salars: Coipasa and Uyuni. (Bolivia, world first)
Attempt to locate and measure the highest lake in the world on Ojos del Salado (Chile)
2013 - Clipperton Island: DX-pedition with radio-amateurs. Joined as filmmaker and performed the scientific environmental observations. 5 species of foraminifera found. None recorded yet on the island. Explored the island, summit of the Rock and kayak around the lagoon.
2012 - Poland Trek: Expedition from the highest summit of Poland to the Baltic Sea using human power (World first). On foot in the mountains, by packraft and kayak on the Vistula, Poland’s longest river and one of the last wild rivers of Europe. (1200km/1month).
2011 - BelgiKayak: Touring the Belgians waterways by kayak to re-discover the country’s forgotten beauties and stress out on water pollution (600km/23days of paddling).
2010 - Iceland Trek Summer: World first unsupported crossing of Iceland between its extreme latitudes from North to South. Scientific program: Perform cognitive tests to study the effect of decision taking under stress in extreme environments. (560km/19days)
2009 - Chocolate Sherpa Everest: A cultural walking journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base camp. Organizing the highest chocolate tasting in the world event to attract the media, raise funds for the first Mobile hospital in Nepal. (400km/1month)
2008 - Simpson Desert Trek: World first unsupported North-South (length) traverse of the Simpson Desert in Australia. Scientific program: Perform cognitive tests to study the effect of decision taking under stress in extreme environments. (800km/35 days)
2007 - Wild Mountains of Tasmania: Unresupplied Mountain and forest trek across the entire Tasmanian wilderness. 19 peaks were climbed (500km/49days). Dramatic end as it became a battle for survival with almost no food left with a dead GPS and no communication systems.
2006 - The Great Sand Island: World first unsupported crossing of Fraser Island (Australia), the world’s largest sandbar. (250km/9 days)
2006 - Mountains of the Outback: World first unsupported trek across the West McDonnell National Park climbing all highest peaks. (330km/11 days)